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Property Registartion

The best feeling ever is to have a house of your own, a place that you can call home. When dealing with something so important it becomes crucial to know the prerequisites of buying a home. Registration of property is one of the most vital processes when purchasing a house or property. Property registration is a legal matter, and you should always try to hire a professional to avoid any errors in technicalities.

What is Property Registration?

Property registration is the complete and final document or agreement that is signed by the two parties involved in the deal of property. The seller and the buyer are involved in the process of registration of the property. If a property is registered, that means that the buyer holds legal ownership of that property, and that person is responsible for the property. The process of property registration is done in the sub-registrar office.  The property registration document is a complete and final agreement that is signed between two parties. Registration of property in India is regulated by the Registration Act, 1908.  

It is really important to register your property as without this document you can lose possession of your property. There is no legal validity of an unregistered property. Even if you’ve bought the property and have all the other documents if you don’t have the registration documents then anyone can raise a legal dispute over that property. Registering a property legalizes that you have complete and valid ownership of the property, and it provides you with the title of possession of the property. An unregistered property cannot be accepted as evidence in any court case.

All Katha Transfer, Katha Service

If you’re a property owner in Bangalore, you need a Khata Certificate. A Khata Certificate is a legal document that identifies you as the owner of your property. It’s an essential document required for property transactions and utilities like water and electricity. It’s also required for trade licenses, building construction permits, and sale permits. If you don’t have a Khata Certificate, you can face legal complications, fines, and delays in selling your property. Here are five benefits of getting a Khata Certificate for your property

How Graha360 Registration Can Help?

At Graha360 Registration, we offer expert legal advice and assistance to property owners in Bangalore looking to get a Khata Certificate. Our team of legal advisors will handle everything from start to finish, so you don’t have to worry about the bureaucracy.

At Graha360 Registration, we understand that getting a khata transfer in Bangalore can be a complex and time-consuming process. But with our legal services, the process is made easy for you.

Our services are designed to save you time and energy, while providing you with the necessary documentation to avail of government amenities, apply for trade licenses, get building construction permits, sale permits, and even loans. So if you’re a property owner or a buyer/seller looking to get a khata transfer done in Bangalore, Graha360 Registration is here to help.

Building Plan Sanctions

What is a Building Approval Plan? 

A Building Approval Plan is a blueprint approved by local authorities that serves as a legal document for construction projects. Construction without plan approval is considered illegal.

Inclusions in a Building Approval Plan

A Building plan approval in the municipality, also known as a blueprint, contains various components that aid in visualizing the project before construction. The typical inclusions are:

    1. Site Plan

A detailed drawing depicting the layout, boundaries, and access points of the property, including connections to services like lighting, electrical cables, drainage, and water supply.

    1. Floor Plan

A 2D or 3D representation of the building, illustrating the layout of rooms, walls, doors, windows, beams, etc.

    1. Structural Plan

Highlights the overall structure of the building, including placement and load-carrying aspects.

    1. Terrace Plan

Emphasizes the roof’s slope, surface, and roofing material, along with structures like water tanks and lift cabins.

    1. Elevation Plan

An external representation of the finished design of the building, showing its appearance from different angles.

    1. Landscape Drawings

Depicts the landscape design around the building.

Factors Affecting Building Plan Approval

Several factors influence the approval of a building plan, including floor area ratio, zonal classification, road width, and plot depth. The plan requires various documents like title deeds, property assessment extracts, city survey sketches, foundation certificates, and more.

Importance of Checking the Building Approval Plan

Reviewing the building approval plan offers numerous advantages, including:

    1. Visualization

Allows the buyer to visualize the entire structure before construction, saving time and resources.

    1. Cost Estimation

Helps in understanding the overall expenses involved in designing and building the property.

    1. Avoiding Issues

Identifies potential issues that could cause damage during construction.

    1. Maintenance and Renovation

Building plan approval village panchayat essential details for future maintenance and renovation projects.

    1. Property Selling

A well-designed building approval plan can attract potential buyers, showcasing the property’s features and potential.


Building approval plans play a crucial role in property transactions, ensuring compliance with regulations and providing a clear visual representation of the property. For buyers planning to build or purchase a property, carefully reviewing the building approval plan is essential for making informed decisions and ensuring a successful investment.

working plan


  • We offer expert advice on all aspects of planning, including assessment of development potential of target sites, negotiation of planning controls and agreements, judicial reviews, planning appeals, highways, drainage and compulsory purchase matters.
  • Our experience covers an extensive range of development, from town centre regeneration, tall buildings, market and affordable housing, office and retail schemes and logistics hubs to later living opportunities.


  • Our experienced team advise on corporate acquisitions, real estate financing and indirect real estate investments through minority shareholdings and joint ventures.

Construction and development

  • We provide expert legal advice to clients procuring, supplying or funding any aspect of construction works and services, and the analysis of construction risk.
  • Our experienced team draft and negotiate all forms of construction and engineering contracts.
  • Our team comprises specialists in contentious and non-contentious construction law.

Asset management

  • In addition to high-quality legal advice, we provide strategic guidance to help clients identify, manage, prioritise and control issues while reducing exposure to potential risk.
  • Our team deals with portfolios that are varied in terms of transactional and asset management requirements, and we work across the whole property marketplace.


  • Our team has extensive experience in all aspects of property divestments. Whether clients are disposing of portfolios, dealing with single assets, corporate property portfolio divestment or mergers, we have the experience to add real value.

Dispute resolution

  • Our market-leading litigators act across the full range of property related disputes throughout the full lifecycle. Our lawyers both prevent and resolve disputes by providing clients with practical legal advice that focuses on their strategic and commercial objectives. We find innovative solutions to the most challenging problems, wherever and whenever they occur.

Architecture Design

Our pursuit of creative innovation and design excellence is fueled by a unique global view, a culture of holistic multi-disciplinary thinkers, a diverse and inclusive design process, and a shared ethos that calls for work that is clear, thoughtful, efficient, ecological, and adaptable.

Design Excellence

As a global network of experts, we solve complex design problems regardless of scale. From strategic planning through project realization, the connections we make among people and places provide enduring value, meaningful experiences, and sustainable outcomes for the communities we serve. Our transformative designs are informed by a broad range of research and expertise in human cognitive performance, health, and wellbeing; energy optimization and carbon reduction; as well as advanced design, delivery, and construction technologies and methodologies.

Tax Paid

Buyers do not just pay one single amount on buying a property. They also have to make regular and consistent payments for the maintenance of ownership on the property. These small payments are a direct tax that is known as property tax. In short, people who own homes pay property tax. The property tax payment is mandatory and is imposed on ownership of property. The payments are used for the maintenance of civic bodies and as an income for development. The owners of immovable properties have to pay tax annually in India

What Is Property Tax?

Do homebuyers need to understand what is property tax in India? Without having enough knowledge about property tax details, it will become difficult to determine how much property tax you need to pay. The tax on property is paid by the landowner to the local authority i.e. the municipal corporation. Land property tax consists of all real estate properties like an office building, individual’s house, and rented property. The property tax in India is payable on the real property whether land with or without any man-made structure. The different types of properties are evaluated by the city’s municipal corporation on the property tax depends on its value.

Property Tax- meaning and understanding

The money collected from the payment of land tax is crucial for the government. The tax money helps in maintaining and establishing basic amenities like installing sewage pipes, laying roads, maintenance of parks, construction, installing street lights, etc. The government heavily relies on the collection of property tax for providing the citizens with basic civic and public amenities.

What is holding tax?

Withholding tax is known as retention tax and the taxpayer is obligated to withhold tax during the payment of rent, commission, or for any professional services at specific rates.

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