329,500 ₹

30,000 ₹ /Per Month

Agrictulture land for sale

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Property Type

Agricultural land

Property Size

3,000 Sq Ft


Land Area

2,200 Sq Ft




Year Built

March 2020


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My Homes pk presents two kanal master piece in DHA Phase 1 E Block. The house is equipped with the best features one can ask for. It is located in the hub of the DHA’s best location.

Wing Chair Furnished
Imported Marbles Tiles and granites used


Last Updated On: November 8th, 2023 at 5:50 am
Property ID:PT-183-AXZR
Offer Type:
Property Type:Agricultural land
Price: 329,500 ₹/Per Month
Currency Type:INR (₹)
Year Built:March 2020
Property Size:3,000 Sq Ft
Land Area:2,200 Sq Ft

Additional Details

Equipment:Gas fireplace
Last remodel year:2015
Pool Size:200 Sqft
Additional Rooms:Guest Bath

Floor Plans

  • Ground Floor
    • Rooms: 5
    • Bath: 4
    • Size: 2000 Sq ft
    Price:2500 Per Month

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